Welcome to Monokini Hut, where you can find the latest trend in swimwear, the monokini.

The modern monokini swimsuit is a variety of the classic bikini. The eye catching monokini combines the sexy look of the bikini with a one piece swimsuit. Depending on your point of view, the monokini is a one piece swimsuit with cut outs at the sides, front, and back or a bikini fused together with anything from simple straps, sexy crochet, daring lace, or chain into a one piece. No matter how you look at it, the result is an extremely sexy swimsuit that covers all the strategic points.

Because the monokini is a trendy fashion design, the monokini is not designed for athletic activities and more suited for show than actual use. However, picking a simple, fitting, and functional monokini design, one that follows the natural lines of a woman and offer good top coverage to hug the breasts, is the best bet in wearing a monokini in public.

The monokini swimsuit does offer more security, since itís one piece, than the bikini in terms of slipping or becoming untied due to activities like body surfing, diving, and swimming, however, make sure there isnít too much fabric around the middle or waist area because standing up or bending over carelessly will cause the monokini to bend away from your body.

Monokinis look best on women with long torsos or defined busts and waist as the monokini was designed for a proportionate body shape. If you want to be active at the beach or poolside but tired of the traditional bikini, the newer tankini might be a nice alternative.

Additionally, the monokini swimsuit is not suitable for tanning as varies cut out designs will leave interesting strap lines and shapes on your body for the rest of the summer. The traditional bikini or tan through swimsuit will be a better choice.

In the end, it is all about personal preferences, as you have to be comfortable baring skin, and a little daring, to choose a sexy monokini. Please note that some pools and beaches worldwide restrict the use of monokini swimsuits.

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